Youth Introduction to Firearms

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This course introduces younger students to the world of firearms. It covers the same safety information as our kid’s class but then focuses on basic shooting skills. The fundamentals of marksmanship, loading/unloading, range etiquette and much more are covered in detail. Students are put through a series of “dry” practice drills to ensure proper firearm handling. Each class then concludes with an extensive live-fire range session where students begin perfecting their shooting abilitiesDesigned for students 11-15 years old (some flexibility on ages can be made with advance notice)Student Requirements
  • Students/parents may bring their own firearms or they can be provided at no additional cost
  • 50 rounds of ammunition (.22 ammo is provided with the class, other calibers must be purchased separately)
  • Everything else (eye/ear protection, targets, etc) provided
Parents/guardians will need to sign waivers prior to class. Students have the option of training with pistols or rifles.
National Shooting Sports Foundation Five Star Range

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