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Skill Builder: Shooting On The Move

This skill-builder focuses on the fundamentals of being able to shoot while moving. Whether for competition or self-defense, being able to accurately hit while mobile is incredibly important. This course incorporates a variety or drills and live-fire exercises where students perfect the ability to make shots while moving forward, backwards and laterally.

Student Requirements

  • Serviceable handgun
  • Sturdy belt holster that retains its shape w/ handgun removed
  • Spare magazine or speedloader (minimum of 3)
  • Pouch or means to carry spare mag/speedloader
  • 150-200 rounds of ammunition–available for purchase at Shooter’s World

NOTE: This is NOT an introductory shooting class. Students should be familiar with the basic operation of their handgun PRIOR to taking this class.

3 Hour Class $75
Five Star Range National Shooting Sports Foundation


Firearms instructor helping kid file a rifle