Skill Builder: Carbine/Handgun

This skill-builder focuses on combined carbine and handgun skills. Transitioning between firearms, variable distance shooting, multiple target engagements and other activities will hone students’ confidence and proficiency.

Student Requirements

  • Serviceable carbine (AR, AK, SCAR, etc.)
  • Minimum of 3 magazines with pouches for each
  • Tactical sling
  • 200-250 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • Serviceable handgun
  • Minimum of 3 magazines with pouches
  • Solid holster that retains it’s shape with the handgun removed
  • 150-200 rounds of pistol ammunition

Note: This is NOT an introductory course. Students should be familiar with the basic operation of their carbine and handgun PRIOR to this class. Students should have attended a Defensive Carbine I or similar class prior to attending this skill-builder.

3 Hour Class | Cost: $75

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