Skill Builder Training

Private Training

Customized class just for you! YOUR skill level and YOUR schedule.

Accuracy Only

Skill-builder focuses solely on improving students’ accuracy with a handgun.

Bilateral Shooting

Skill-builder focuses shooting with both dominant and non-dominant hands.


Transitioning between firearms, variable distance shooting and multiple targets.

Carbine Manipulation

Skill-builder consists of a variety of practical and dynamic shooting drills.

Carbine Positions

Skill-builder focuses on deployment of a carbine from non-traditional positions.

Clearing Jams

Skill-builder focuses on fast, tactically efficient methods for fixing any type of  jams & malfunctions.

One Handed Shooting

Skill-builder focuses accurately shooting, handling, reloading and clearing stoppages with one hand.

Post-Intro to Handguns

Skill-builder designed for students who would like additional, guided practical drills.

Shooting From Concealment

Skill builder focuses on drawing and shooting a handgun from concealment.

Shooting On The Move

Skill-builder focuses on the fundamentals of being able to shoot while moving.

Speed & Tactical Reloads

Skill-builder focusing on faster, more efficient techniques for reloading a handgun.

Surgical Speed Shooting

Skill-builder is designed to help students find a balance between speed and accuracy.

Unconventional Position Shooting

Skill-builder focuses on drawing and shooting a handgun from unconventional positions.

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