Emergency Casualty Care & CPR

Emergency Casualty Care & CPR Certification

Master life-saving skills! Be prepared to save yourself or loved ones! This course provides full CPR and First Aid certification. It also covers Emergency Casualty Care. This is a practical look at sustaining life after a serious injury pending advanced medical care. The focus is on controlling excessive bleeding via tourniquets, pressure bandages and similar items.

Types of emergency equipment, recommendations for aid kits and additional information is covered in detail. A variety of practical exercises will instill confidence and proficiency in each student.

Whether it’s a self-defense situation, an incident at the range, an active shooter event or just an accident/medical emergency, this course could mean the difference between life and death. If you own a gun, knowing how to treat gun-related injuries is a must!

Note: This is not a shooting class. No prerequisites are required. Students will receive nationally recognized CPR/First Aid cards upon successful completion of the class.

8 Hour Class | Cost: $150

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