Low Light Shooting - Handgun

Low Light Shooting - Handgun

According to FBI statistics, over 70% of shootings occur in low-light. Are YOU prepared? This class covers the practical aspects of employing a handgun in low-light situations. Target identification, sight acquisition, use of flashlights/night-sights/lasers/etc. and low-light tactics are all covered at length. Practical drills will familiarize students with using a handgun and light effectively. This class culminates with live-fire drills conducted in a darkened range environment.

Students will be required to use a hand-held flashlight for portions of this class. Other devices (pistol-mounted lights, lasers, etc.) may be used during certain drills. This is a handgun-based course; separate low-light courses are available for carbines and shotguns.

Student Requirements

  • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Tactical handheld flashlight (may be purchased during class)
  • A quality belt holster
  • Spare magazines or speedloaders (3 minimum)
  • Pouch or carry system for spare mag/speedloader
  • Any other low-light accessories the student may have
  • 350-300 rounds of ammunition–available at Shooter’s World

10 Hour Class | Cost: $195

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