Low Light Shooting - Carbine I

Low Light Shooting - Carbine I

Go beyond the basics with this practical, carbine-based low-light shooting course. This class covers realistic use of a carbine in reduced- and no-light environments. Topics covered include: sighting techniques, sighting equipment, use of carbines with both hand-held and weapon-mounted lights, target ID and engagement, movement, lighting techniques, firearm manipulation and much, much more. Extensive live-fire drills in various low-light environments round out this class.

Student Requirements

  • Carbine style rifle (AR, AK, SCAR, etc.) in 5.56, 7.62 or similar calibers. Pistol caliber carbines may be used as well.
  • 3 magazines minimum (5 recommended)
  • Pouch or carrier for spare magazines
  • Sling
  • 300-350 rounds of ammo
  • Handheld flashlight w/ momentary switch
  • Weapon-mounted lights are highly recommended also, but not required

NOTE: This is NOT an introductory shooting class. Students should be familiar with the basic operation of their firearm PRIOR to taking this class.

10 Hour Class | Cost: $195

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