Introduction to AR-15

This course covers the fundamentals of owning, operating and maintaining an AR-style rifle. Topics include:
• System overview • Function • Field stripping • Parts, maintenance & cleaning • Sight adjustments & zero’ing • Handling • Shooting Positions • Practical shooting drills • Loading/unloading/re-loading drills • Accessory selection
And much, much more! This course is presented by instructors with years of experience training law enforcement and military personnel from all over the world! Student Requirements
  • AR-15 style rifle with iron sights (additional optics are permitted)
  • 200-250 rounds of ammo
  • 3 magazines
  • Sling
  • Pouch to hold at least 1 spare magazine
  • All other equipment (eye & ear protection, targets, etc.) provided at no cost
10 Hour Class$195
National Shooting Sports Foundation Five Star Range

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