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3 Hour Class $100

This is an intermediate level course focusing on the fundamentals of home defense. This class will review the best practices and techniques for defensive encounters in the home, holster and flashlight techniques, ammunition selection, and firearm storage. This class concludes with an interactive shooting course of fire to demonstrate defensive handgun shooting techniques.

Instructed by author Michael Martin, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. The course is a complete guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness; handgun, shotgun, AR-15, and ammunition basics; defensive shooting fundamentals; the physiology of violent encounters; the legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath); and a complete guide on gear, gadgets, and ongoing training. To successfully complete this course, you must view the introduction and all lessons, and you must achieve a score of 80-percent or higher on all quizzes.

Topics Covered:

  • Defensive Shooting Basics
  • Fundamentals of Defensive Encounters
  • Stand your Ground and Castle Doctrine
  • Firearm Storage
  • Ammunition and Ballistics
  • Gear
  • Home Safety Assessment

All students must wear closed-toe shoes and a shirt with sleeves to participate in the class. Please fill out your liability waiver before the start of the class – click here for wavier

National Shooting Sports Foundation Five Star Range

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