Defensive Handgun II

Defensive Handgun II

This class picks up where Defensive Handgun I leaves off. It includes more advanced accuracy, speed and weapons handling techniques. Topics covered include:  movement, cover, reloading/malfunction clearing under stress, variable distances, basic team tactics, stress drills, and multi-skill qualification courses. Take the next step in refining your practical handgun shooting skills.

Student Requirements

  • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Sturdy belt holster that retains it’s shape w/ handgun removed
  • Spare magazines (min. of 3, 5 recommended) or speedloader for revolver
  • Pouch or means to carry spare mags/speedloaders
  • 450-500 rounds of ammunition–available for purchase at Shooter’s World

NOTE: Mandatory Prerequisite: Students MUST have attended our Defensive Handgun I Class to participate in this course.

10 Hour Class | Cost: $195

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