Defensive Carbine II

Defensive Carbine II

This class picks up where Defensive Carbine I leaves off. It includes more advanced accuracy, speed and weapons handling techniques. Topics covered include:  movement, cover, reloading/malfunction clearing under stress, speed drills, variable distance shooting, basic team tactics, stress drills, handgun transitions and much more. Take the next step in refining your carbine shooting skills.

Student Requirements

  • Serviceable carbine (AR-15, AK, SCAR, etc.)
  • Tactical Sling
  • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Sturdy belt pistol holster that retains it’s shape w/ handgun removed
  • Spare carbine magazines (min. of 3, 5 recommended)
  • Spare pistol magazines (2-3)
  • Pouches to carry spare magazines
  • 550-600 rounds of carbine ammunition–available for purchase at Shooter’s World
  • 100 rounds pistol ammunition

NOTE: Mandatory Prerequisite: Students MUST have attended our Defensive Carbine I Class to participate in this course.

10 Hour Class | Cost: $195

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