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Woman in red learning how to shoot a handgun

Private Training

Customized class just for you! YOUR skill level and YOUR schedule.

Man shooting pistol at gun range

Handgun Defense

This class is the foundation for the realistic use of handguns in self-defense situations.

Defensive Carbine I Training

Defensive Carbine I

Proper use, handling and tactical deployment of a carbine for defense.

Police Badge

HR 218 Qualification

Courses require for retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed nationwide.

Woman preparing to shoot a handgun

Introduction to AR-15

Covers the fundamentals of owning, operating and maintaining an AR-style rifle.

Man holding a pistol

Intro to Action Shooting

Basic knowledge and skills to compete in IPSC, IDPA, Practical Carbine events.

Loading a shotgun

Defensive Shotgun I

This course covers the practical aspects of using a shotgun for personal defense.

Five Star Range National Shooting Sports Foundation


Firearms instructor helping kid file a rifle