NFA Class III Firearms

Owning a Class III Firearm

Owning a suppressor, machine gun or a short barreled rifle (SBR) is legal in the state of Florida and easy when you purchase through Shooters World!

Class III weapons and accessories are the perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

Shooters World can help you convert your rifle into a Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR) that will suit every collector’s needs. Our gunsmith is well versed in machine guns and SBRs and is ready to take on new projects or repairs.

Check out this fun “how to” video on silencer ownership from SilencerCo., just one of the many silencer brands we carry in our store.

Shooters World process checklist for purchasing an NFA item:

With a Trust

  • Photocopy of the Trust
  • 2 – Passport Photographs for each responsible person on Trust. (Not those listed as beneficiaries.)
  • 2 – Fingerprint Cards for each responsible person on Trust. (Not those listed as beneficiaries.) (FBI Form FD-258)
  • $200 – Per Tax Stamp

Individual without a Trust

  • 2 – Passport Photographs
  • 2 – Fingerprint Cards (FBI Form FD-258)
  • $200 – Per Tax Stamp
    Customers have 30 days to submit fingerprint cards, photographs, tax stamp fee and sign paperwork or they forfeit use of the item until paperwork has been submitted to BATFE.

Shooters World has one of the largest selections of Class III firearms available in the Tampa Bay area

With a large assortment of suppressors, SBRs and machine guns available for purchase. We have a wide variety of suppressors available from many of the leading brands including Advanced Armament Corp, AWC Silencers, Gemtech, Huntertown Arms, LWRC International, SilencerCo, Surefire and many others. Our suppressor selection includes a range of calibers in order to cover any weapon you would like to suppress.

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