Gunsmith Services

General Conditions

Putting a pattern on a gun may increase the price and turnaround time.

Turnaround time may increase due to the fact that we may have to order a stencil.

We will NOT remove or deactivate firearm safeties under any circumstances.

All memberships receive a number of complimentary Quick Cleans (see Membership Chart for more information).

Shooters World reserves the right to refuse any work or work that we deem would render the firearm unsafe.

Shooters World assumes no liability for antique or relic firearms that are entrusted in our possession for Gunsmith services.

General Information

Shooters World offers full service gunsmith and firearm personalization services from our certified and experienced gunsmith staff.

Minimum Charge$55
Hourly Rate$90
Expedite Fee$55

General Completion Time

General Repairs
Gun Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Firearm Safety Inspection$30
Remove Stuck Case or Bullet$35
Test Fire$25

Handgun Gunsmithing

Straighten Crane on Revolver$35
Install Stake on Front$40
Fit New Slide to Frame $120
Lower & Flare Ejection Port$60
Tune Extractor$65
Install Beavertail Grip Safety$120
Install Ambidextrous Safety$70
Tighten Slide of 1911$70
Fit & Install Barrel Bushing on 1911$55
Open & Modify Ejection Port on 1911$75
Fit Custom Hammer to 1911$55

Rifle Gunsmithing

Make Chamber Cast$75
Cut & Crown Barrel$80
Re-Crown Barrel $55
Install Barrel Band Swivel$95
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action$275
Remove Obstruction from Chamber or Bore$65
Install Badger Knob$85
Install Pre-Threaded & Chambered Barrel $200
Install Muzzle Brake$25

Trigger Work

Trigger Job (most revolvers) $100
Trigger Job (most rifles)$85
Trigger Job – 1911$120
Smooth Trigger Action$100
Round, Radius & Polish Trigger Shoe$70

Cerokote Pricing

Handgun Pricing
Complete Gun (Trigger, Grips, Slide, Frame, Mag Release, etc.)
1 Color$225
2 ColorCall for Pricing
3 ColorCall for Pricing
Slide Only (1 Color)$115
Frame Only (1 Color)$115
Rifle & Shotgun
AR-15/M-4 or AK-47 Complete Gun (Upper, Lower, Barrel, Stock, Hand Guard and Grip)*
1 Color$275
2 ColorCall for Pricing
3 ColorCall for Pricing
Upper, Lower or Rail
1 Color$100
2 Color$150
Stock (Adjustable)$100
AR Forearm (1 Color)$75
* Add $50 to AR-15 pricing for: AR-10, FN-Fal, HK
Bolt Action Rifle
Complete Gun**
1 Color$225
Add $35 for Adjustable Stock
50 BMG Bolt Action Rifle (Call Ahead)
Complete Gun
1 Color$350
2 Color$375
50 BMG Semi-Auto Rifle (Call Ahead)
Complete Gun
1 Color$450
2 Color$500

General Services

Firearm Safety Inspection$30
Remove Stuck Case or Bullet$35
Test Fire$25

Shotgun Gunsmithing

Cut & Crown Barrel$80
Install Tactical Front Sight$100
Cut Down Buttstock $80
Install Sight Bead$30
Hone & Polish Chamber$20
Hone & Polish Bore$30

Sight Work

Installation (Handguns)$45
Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights$120
Bore Sight Only $20
Sight-In on Range$45
Scope Mounting$55
Laser Mount & Bore Sight$25
Drill & Tap for Sights$45
($35 per Additional)
Install Receiver Sights $30
Install Front or Mid Rib Bead (on shotgun)$40
Machine Slide for Rear Sight$120
Install Adjustable Revolver Rear Right Blade$20
Install Pinned Revolver Front Sight$30
Machine Front Fight & Install Colored Plastic Insert$60
Replace Existing Colored Plastic Front Sight Insert$30

Glock Work

Ghost Trigger$25
Ghost Rocket$35
Texture Front of Grip Only$75
Combined Grip Reduction Package$175
Texture Entire Grip$60
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