Advanced and Specialty Classes

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Defensive Handgun Operator I

This class is designed for individuals who are already familiar with the basic operation of their handguns. This course reviews practical deployment techniques, reloading methods, dealing with malfunctions, speed shooting, multiple threats, etc. Open to semi-automatics or revolvers.  

Introduction to the AR-15

AR-15 style rifles have become immensely popular. This course covers the fundamentals of owning, operating and maintaining an AR-style rifle. Includes a live-fire session for sighting and basic operation.  

Defensive Carbine I

This course covers the proper use, handling and tactical deployment of a carbine for defense. Sighting, variable distance engagements, multiple targets, reloads, malfunctions and shooting on the move are but a few of the topics covered. The advantages and disadvantages of various accessories (lights, optics, slings, etc.) are addressed in detail. Dynamic live-fire drills will enhance students’ skill levels. Go beyond basic shooting and learn how to effectively use a carbine for defense.  

Defensive Shotgun I

Shotguns can be very effective home defense weapons. This course reviews selection, handling and basic use of defense-oriented shotguns. Practical drills and live-fire exercises will familiarize students with efficient weapon operation. Open to pump-action, double-barrel and semi-auto shotguns.  

Low-Light Shooting

According to FBI statistics, over 70% of shootings occur in low-light. Are YOU prepared? This class covers the practical aspects of employing a handgun in low-light situations. Target identification, sight acquisition, use of flashlights/night-sights/lasers/etc. and low-light tactics are all covered at length. Practical drills will familiarize students with using a handgun and light effectively. This class culminates with live-fire drills conducted in a darkened range environment.  

Concealed Carry Tactics & Techniques

You have your concealed carry license, but now what? This course is the next step. It thoroughly covers the various methods for carrying a concealed handgun, addressing the various advantages and disadvantages. Techniques for quickly, yet safely, drawing and holstering are reviewed as well. Holsters representing the most common carry methods are provided and students will be able to practice from each to find what works best for them. Students will be put through practical drills to build speed and efficiency in their draws from various realistic positions. Timed, live-fire drills will also be conducted where students will draw and shoot from concealment under realistic conditions.

Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

Not every situation justifies the use of a firearm for self-defense. This course provides an overview of the major non-lethal weapons typically used for personal defense. The advantages and disadvantages of each are addressed. How to use each weapon and legal issues are covered as well. Practical, hands-on exercises allow students to gain experience with each weapon. This course covers weapons such as Pepperspray, Tasers, Stun Guns, Collapsible Batons, etc.  

Advanced Glock Operator

Got a Glock? This class is for you! Our instructors have been Glock armorers for decades and have taught the use of Glock pistols to individuals from all over the world. Learn the intricacies of the Glock operating systems. Thoroughly understand the pros and cons of various accessories and modifications. Troubleshoot common issues. Master techniques for shooting Glocks faster, more accurately and more efficiently. Make your Glock rock!  

Accuracy Only—(Handgun)

Trouble putting your shots where you want them? This class focuses solely on accurate shot placement. Instructors diagnose students’ performance and run them through a series of drills to enhance their accuracy potential. Students are also provided drills and techniques they can practice on their own to continue refining their skills.  

Skill Builders

Shorter duration, higher intensity mini-classes focusing on single skills. Rather than taking long classes where a massive amount of information must be digested at once, try a new learning style. Each month, we will focus on a different topic (accuracy, speed shooting, drawing from a holster, shooting from unconventional positions, etc.). A lower-priced, shorter duration course (1-2 hours) will allow students to master one skill at a time at their own pace. Come back and re-take select topics to enhance or refresh your skills.