General Classes

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Introduction to Handguns


This class is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how to safely handle, function and shoot a handgun. Perfect for new or novice shooters, this is a low-stress, fun-oriented course that installs comfort and confidence. Following a classroom lecture covering an assortment of topics, students participate in "dry" drills where they learn to safely handle and function their handgun before firing any shots. Students are then put through a series of live-fire drills where they practice all the topics covered in the classroom. Students are provided handouts which summarize key points of the class.

Topics Covered:

Handgun ammunition types and nomenclature, common types of handguns, pros & cons to different types of handguns, handgun nomenclature, basic firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, practical dry drills, live-fire drills, gun care and maintenance.

Class Cost: $150.00  

Selecting a Personal Defense Firearm

Thinking about purchasing a firearm for self-defense? New to guns? Allow our professional law-enforcement instructors to provide proper guidance on what will best suit your needs. Come try before you buy! This class addresses the various criteria students should consider when selecting what firearms best suits them. An overview of the various types of guns (including advantages & disadvantages) and features are covered at length. Different firearms are made available during a range familiarization session so that students can try shooting different types in an effort to find what best suits them.     Class Cost: $75.00  

Private Lessons

Allow us to provide a custom course of instruction just for you! Private courses are available for individuals, couples and small groups. We can provide top quality instruction ranging from shooting fundamentals to advanced shooting/personal defense skills. Flexible days/hours allow us to accommodate YOUR schedule and at your convenience. Contact for more details.