Women's Only Classes

For the comfort of our guests, all women's only classes are taught by female instructors.

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Ladies-Only Introduction to Handguns


This is a ladies-only version of our 5-hour Introductory Class.

This class is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how to safely handle, function and shoot a handgun. Perfect for new or novice shooters, this is a low-stress, fun-oriented course that installs comfort and confidence. Following a classroom lecture covering an assortment of topics, students participate in "dry" drills where they learn to safely handle and function their handgun before firing any shots. Students are then put through a series of live-fire drills where they practice all the topics covered in the classroom. Students are provided handouts which summarize key points of the class.

 Topics Covered:

Handgun ammunition types and nomenclature, common types of handguns, pros & cons to different types of handguns, handgun nomenclature, basic firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, practical dry drills, live-fire drills, gun care and maintenance.

 Student Requirements:

   One serviceable handgun (Handguns can be provided as part of the course)

   50 rounds of ammunition

Cost: $150.00


Ladies Introduction to Personal Defense


This is designed as an "overview" type class. It covers general issues regarding self defense for women, use of force laws and details on a VARIETY of defense options from Pepperspray to Tasers to firearms. This is NOT a shooting class per se, but there is a brief "familiarization" session at the end where students are able to try shooting a handgun. It is intended to give women a better understanding of what options for personal defense may be the best for them.

Topics Covered:

Common threats, situational awareness, mindset, overview of Florida use-of-force laws, examination of defense options (Pepperspray, Tasers vs. stun guns, improvised weapons and firearms) and a live fire familiarization session with a handgun. A question and answer session with seasoned law enforcement instructors is included.

Course Structure: 2 1/2 to 3 Hours

Hour 1: Classroom lecture on threats, mindset, situational awareness, etc.

Hour 2: Classroom lecture on use-of-force and defense options Range live fire familiarization

Hour 3: Range live fire completion Classroom Q & A, wrap-up Student Requirements: • Writing instrument • Everything else provided (to include practice handguns and ammo) • Students with their own handguns may bring them to practice with during the live fire session, but they will need to provide their own ammo (one full load in weapon will suffice)

Cost: $75.00  



Selecting a Personal Defense Firearm for Women

Our women's self-defense class offers professional guidance in choosing the right firearms for YOU based on years of experience. This is the same as our general class, but focuses on avoiding common pitfalls women make when choosing a firearm. It also addresses special considerations that can help women choose a firearm that is best suited for them.     Class Cost: $75.00  


Ladies Only Defensive Handgun I

The same as our standard Defensive Handgun I course, this classes allows women to train in a comfortable ladies-only environment.  This women's shooting class offers a greater emphasis placed on tactics, techniques and issues specific to the female shooter.  Women's handgun defensive class Cost: $75.00