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Shooters World prides itself as being the largest and most advanced indoor firearms training facility in the region that offers firearms training classes to the public. Our extensive training catalog includes over 30 different course offerings including the popular Florida Concealed Carry Class, Basic to Advanced weapon-specific classes, and Ladies only instruction.

The firearms training at Shooters World begins in our facility’s multiple training rooms. Coursework consists of classroom and live fire training on the range and caters to every level and type of shooter. In addition to various personal defense classes we offer professional weapons certifications including the Security Guard K license. [TEST CHANGE]


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For Women

Ladies-Only Introduction to Handguns

Take all the fear and apprehension out of learning to shoot in a comfortable, ladies-only environment. This is the same as our general Introduction to Handguns class, but emphasizes women-specific topics and techniques.

Selecting a Personal Defense Firearm for Women

Get professional guidance in choosing the right firearms for YOU based on years of experience. This is the same as our general class, but focuses on avoiding common pitfalls women make when choosing a firearm. It also addresses special considerations that can help women choose a firearm that is best suited for them.

Introduction to Personal Defense for Women

This is designed as an introductory or “first-step” class for women interested in self-defense. It provides an overview of common threats, defense options (lethal and non-lethal), use of force laws and other methods to not be a victim. This class does provide a brief familiarization session where students can try firing a handgun or using other non-lethal weapons. This class is designed as a “first-step” to help students decide what defense options they would like to explore further.

Ladies Only Defensive Handgun I

This course is the same as our standard Defensive Handgun I course, this class allows women to train in a comfortable ladies-only environment.  The firearms training class has a greater emphasis on placed tactics, techniques and issues specific to the female shooter.

Concealed Weapons Permit

Concealed Carry License Class

Get your certification to obtain a FL concealed carry license! This course covers the various procedural and legal issues involved with carrying a concealed firearm. Use of force laws, basic firearm safety and a review of marksmanship fundamentals are addressed during this firearms training class. The course concludes with a live-fire session where students will demonstrate basic proficiency. Our NRA-certified instructors are also full-time law enforcement officers that bring a wealth of practical experience to the class. Note: Students should be familiar with the basic operation of their handgun prior to taking firearm training class.

Concealed Carry Tactics and Techniques


You have your concealed carry license, but now what? This course is the next step. It thoroughly covers the various methods for carrying a concealed handgun, addressing the various advantages and disadvantages. Techniques for quickly, yet safely, drawing and holstering are reviewed as well. Holsters representing the most common carry methods are provided and students will be able to practice from each to find what works best for them. Students will be put through practical drills to build speed and efficiency in their draws from various realistic positions. Timed, live-fire drills will also be conducted where students will draw and shoot from concealment under realistic conditions in our indoor firearms training facility.