The Rifle Range

tampa rifle range

Currently open to our valued members as well as the general public, Shooters World provides the most comfortable rifle shooting range experience! Offering seven one-hundred yard lanes, Shooters World is home to Florida's unrivaled indoor rifle range.

Utilizing the same state-of-the-art equipment from our pistol range, our rifle range differs in two major areas. While our pistol ranges will accommodate various calibers up to 308 Winchester, our rifle shooting range is capable of handling any caliber up to, and including, the formidable 50BMG!

No more waiting for your target to cycle back and forth to verify bullet placement. Every shooter is provided with an electronic “spotter," which digitally "picks up" your target immediately, and transmits the image to a 9” LCD screen in your shooting stall.  


Shooters World rifle range:
$18.00 per hour per person