Reactive Steel Frangible Range

 Reactive Steel Gun Range in Tampa

The Reactive Steel Frangible Range is available for private events only. Contact to schedule a unique, exciting event for your friends or colleagues!

Shooters World has taken your range experience to the next level by converting one of our nine lane pistol bays into a reactive steel gun range in Tampa which includes a wide assortment of reactive steel  targets to choose from.

For your safety, our Tampa based reactive steel gun range has been meticulously designed around “indoor safe” frangible ammunition. Come enjoy a truly unique experience at The Shooters World reactive steel gun range today.  Here you can hone your skills on the same steel gun range equipment the professionals, law enforcement personnel, and military use!

Make sure to check out our 25-yard range and 100-yard range as well!


Reactive Steel Targets

The Dueling Tree:AT Dueling Tree AR500

Two shooters begin, each with three targets on their side of the tree. At the start command, they fire at the reactive steel targets on their respective sides.

When a target is hit, it swings over to the opposite side. Trouble is, the other guy is knocking them back over to your side at the same time. The first one with all the steel targets resting on his side loses. Forget the white gloves and 20 paces because this duel is in your face. If you miss, you lose. If you don’t reload fast enough to keep up, you lose. No excuses.



AT Plate Rack


The Plate Rack:

The Plate Rack is designed for precision and target acquisition. When a target is hit, the plates fall backward. Practice against yourself or compete with a friend!