The Shooters World Lifetime Warranty


At Shooters World, your satisfaction is our commitment. We offer a lifetime warranty on all certified pre-owned firearms so that you feel confident in your purchase. We will repair or replace any firearm purchased from Shooters World for as long as it is owned by the purchaser.






Terms and Conditions


 Shooters World, LLC Warrants to you that if any New or Certified Used Firearm sold to you by Shooters World ever becomes defective, we will repair or replace the firearm at no charge, subject to the following conditions:

 This Warranty applies to the original Purchaser:

·         This warranty is non-transferable.

·         If the firearm cannot be repaired, and no replacement is available, we will offer you a similar item at no charge.

·         This warranty applies to New and Certified Used firearms.

·         This warranty covers the firearm as originally sold by Shooters World, but does not extend to guns altered or rebuilt after their original purchase, or guns used other than for their legal intended purposes.  It does not apply to scopes or accessories attached to the firearm when purchased.

·         Accuracy is NOT included in this Warranty, unless there is a specific additional warranty made by a manufacturer.

·         This warranty covers the firearm against manufacturer’s defects only.  It does not cover the replacement or refinishing of parts that are subject to normal wear throughout the lifespan of the firearm.  This warranty is for the function of the firearm and does not cover cosmetic finish.

·         Shooters World, LLC assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for the physical injury or property damage resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use of the firearm, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modification, use of defective or improper hand-loaded, reloaded, or remanufactured ammunition, or customer abuse, neglect or misuse.