Membership Overview

Shooters World treats all of our range customers as valued members of our range family with five different membership levels. All shooters are automatically enrolled in our basic membership program which gives you, the shooter, access to the ranges on a daily as needed basis with no membership fees. This allows us the opportunity to open up our expansive firearm rental inventory to everyone who shoots with us. In addition to a wide assortment of handguns and long guns to choose from we also have Full Auto rental weapons available. Not all shooters are content with a basic range program and for those intrepid individuals we also have four additional levels of memberships to choose from.

Our membership packages include discounted yearly rates that can either be paid for in advance or monthly for your convenience. These structured membership packages include unlimited access to our ranges as well as other benefits including discounts on purchases and training classes.Our membership benefits significantly exceed our competitors by including benefits such as firearm quick cleaning, member apparel, discounted training courses, birthday specials, lane reservations, and so much more.

Here at Shooters World we offer special recognition to those who keep us and this country safe. In honor of those brave souls who protect us here and abroad we are pleased to offer a Law Enforcement and Military membership package. This Patriot membership is reserved for active duty military and other first responders.

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